5 Stone Introduction: "Prepare, Respond, SERVE!"

5 Stone Introduction: "Prepare, Respond, SERVE!"

Posted by Eric Townsend, APRN on Nov 30th 2022

Welcome to 5 Stone! Our Motto: "Prepare, Respond, SERVE!"

So, you've traveled the internet and ended up here, huh? Well, I would like to think that you are in the right place at the right time. Take a minute to look around and see what 5 Stone is really all about and how you can join the 5 Stone Family! 

Who We Are: There really is not another organization quite like us. We are all highly trained and experience members of the "FRONTLINE" in various fields such as:

  • Former military
  • Law enforcement
  • Medical providers (Doctors, Emergency Nurse Practitioners)
  • Aeromedical Flight Medics/Nurses
  • Survival Experts
  • Defense/Combat Instructors
  • Leadership experts, and more... 

What We Do: "Prepare, Respond, SERVE!" -- Yep, it's not only our motto, but our lifestyle here at 5 Stone. 

  1. Training and Gear: We prepare others to respond and serve by providing professional training from our highly experienced "Pro-Staff". That's right.... you get trained in medical, defense, survival, and more from professionals with MANY YEARS of experience on the frontline operating under high stress situations. We also offer trusted medical gear and other supplies and gear to help you get ready for the day when you are someone's first responder on their worst day. Whether it be at church, work, school, home, shopping, etc... the question is....ARE YOU READY?!? 
  2. SERVE The Frontline: We serve families of fallen frontline workers and raise awareness for recurrent traumatic stress that the frontline suffers from. We have dedicated our lives to service, so we have first hand experience of the sacrifice and scars that come along with this lifestyle and career path. We also know the sacrifice our loved ones must endure and the negative impact it takes on a family. 
  3. SERVE AS THE FRONTLINE: We not only serve the frontline, we continue to serve AS THE FRONTLINE! We do this through various means. The 5 Stone Frontline Task Force travels the globe (including hostile areas) and provides advanced training and support as well as providing training for missionaries going overseas to dangerous areas. We just returned from Abuja, Nigeria where we provided training for security guards protecting Christian villages that are being attacked by terrorist. WE CONTINUE TO SERVE THOSE IN NEED!

5 Stone Frontline Coffee: This is how you can support the 5 Stone Frontline Mission and make everyday a mission to SERVE OTHERS! 

  • We have created our own gourmet coffee line to expand our connection with others. We know that not everybody wants training (even though you should....), but it is a fact that about 80% of American adults drink coffee, So more that likely that is YOU! We ask that you consider giving 5 Stone Frontline Coffee a try. Try switching to our coffee and enjoying not only the Liquid Gold that so many of us love, but most importantly... enjoy knowing that you are playing an important part in helping us SERVE OTHERS! 


Thank you for your time and your support! 

Eric Townsend, APRN