Edged Weapons

"The edged weapon is an adaptive, lethal, silent, and concealable tool. It's my go-to for defense."

Edged Weapon training is more than learning to avoid a knife attack. Edged weapons are easy to conceal, consists of various sizes, shapes, and materials, and can be utilized quickly, silently, and efficiently with lethal accuracy.

Your 5 Stone Pro-Staff bring you real world experience in law enforcement dealing with edged weapons attacks, tactical training,  and treating those attacks on the medical setting. We understand the lethality. We will show you techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm.

5 Stone instructors and our affiliate instructors are highly experienced and are here to bring you concise, simplified, and quality training for you or your organization.

Course Info: 

Level 1: EWTC 1

Basic Self Protection Strategies 
Edged Weapons Defense
4 hours
$100 (group rates available)

*Level 2: EWTC 2*

Self Protection Strategies 
Edged Weapon Defense

8 hours
$200 (group rates available)

*FBI Background Check and Interview Required Prior to Approval (if not Law Enforcement/Current Military).  Acceptance/Denial is at the discretion of 5 Stone and our affiliates*

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