The 5 Stone Mission

Prepare. Respond. Serve. 


 5 Stone has dedicated their lives to service on the frontlines in the combined professions of 1st Responders, Medical Providers, Military, Law Enforcement, and more. 5 Stone provides professional training and services to help others be prepared to respond and serve as well as supporting various frontline causes and missions.   


5 Stone G.S.I. [Global Service Initiative]

5 Stone G.S.I. is our Global Mission Division that responds to requested needs for training for mission groups going overseas as well responding Globally as 5 Stone. 

CLICK HERE for more info on 5 Stone G.S.I. 



Want to support the 5 Stone Mission?

With each cup of 5 Stone Frontline Coffee, 5 Stone swag or gear, or training; you join 5 Stone and choose to make each day a mission to Prepare, Respond, and Serve! It all helps us reach others! 


Join 5 Stone and make each day a mission to serve others!