Training From Real-World Frontline Professionals

5 Stone Pro - Staff offers professional training to suit you and or your organizational needs. With over 100years combined professional experience in their respective fields, you can look no further than 5 Stone Pro-Staff to provide you with real world experienced training.

Professional Medical Training From The Frontlines

5 Stone is a Nationally Authorized Professional Medical Training Center.

The 5 Stone Pro-Staff are licensed Medical Providers, Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Paramedics, Combat Medics, and more...



Courses Include:

-First Aid, CPR, AED

-Bloodborne Pathogens

-Stop The Bleed (Advanced Bleeding Control)

-TECC- Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (Formerly TCCC- Tactical Combat Casualty Care)

-BLS (Basic Life Support) for the Healthcare Provider

-ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)

-PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)


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Industrial and Organizational Training and Consultation

Stone Pro-Staff has a long history in the occupational health and medical setting.

We can provide:


-Emergency Responder Training (OSHA Compliant 1st Aid, CPR, BBP Certification)

-Medical Consultation and Services

-Leadership Consultation


5 Stone is capable of traveling to help meet your organizational needs.

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Self Protection and Risk Reduction Training

SPTC [Self Protection Training Course] Level 1 and Level 2: 

Whether at home, in school, at college, on the job, in church, at the mall, or anywhere you find yourself... We must be PRO-ACTIVE. Simply learning self “defense” automatically places you behind in the fight. Learning strategies of situational awareness, risks identification, body positioning and body language, risk reduction, verbal deescalation, team protection, etc... are critical in today's times.

5 Stone has taught self protection at numerous local, state, federal law enforcement agencies, EMS, paramedic classes, college campuses, kids programs, women's self defense/rape prevention, etc.. 5 Stone can help you become more prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Course Details: 

-Basic Self Protection/Risk Reduction Strategies

-Basics of Gun Defense 
-Edged Weapons Protection

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Women's Self Protection and Rape Risk Reduction

Excellent self protection course to increase safety of our high school/pre-college/college students! Great for women at risk living alone or traveling alone!


-Basic Self ProtectionStrategies
-Basics of Edged Weapons Defense
-Basics of Gun Defense
-Specific Training to protect from being pinned/overpowered 

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First Responder Self/Partner Protection

Our 1st Responders are at a very high risk every day. Their safety is our focus. Our courses teaches unique techniques to offer protection to our most valued citizens remain safe and able to serve our communities. We provide training for Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, Medical Professionals, and Security Teams. 


Course Details:

-Situational Awareness
-Verbal Deescalation 
-Body Positioning
-Communication Strategies 
-Basic Self Defense Strategies
-Basics of Edged Weapons Defense
-Basics of Gun Defense
-Close Quarters (Ambulance, room, alley way, etc) defense strategies.

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Survival Skills, Tracking, and Specialized Technical Team Training

TSRT (Technical and Specialized Rescue Team) Survival and Tracking Course:
 The 5 Stone Pros bring years of frontline experience and this elite training to you! If you are technical or specialized rescue personnel we strongly encourage you to consider this course. Our instructors are former technical rescue operators with experience in survival, search and rescue, high angle rope rescue, SCUBA rescue, swift water rescue, HAZMAT, and more. We bring you advanced training for 1st responders to be prepared with essential gear and knowledge to keep you, your team, and your victim safe. 


OSST: Outdoor Skills and Survival Training [Level 1, Level 2]:
Preparing your home, your vehicle, and being prepared to "bug out" is critical in today's uncertain times. Outdoorsmen/women, kid camps, hunters, hikers, runners, mountain bikers, etc... all place themselves at risk for increased danger. Knowing your limitations and overcoming your weaknesses will better prepare you and your loved ones in certain times.  Learn essential skills that every human alive should know. 


Field Care/1st Aid:
"You Are the 1st Responders" . Wether on a mission, on the range, hunting, fishing, camping, kids camp, fish and wildlife, or any group event.... when an accident occurs, you are on your own. Serious injury or death can occur within minutes and help can be several minutes, hours, or days away. Obtaining simple medical training in is critical to provide self-aid, buddy-aid, or support others sick or injured.


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5 stone Edged Weapons Training Courses

EWTC [Edged Weapons Training Course] Level1 and Level 2:

Edged Weapon training is more than learning to avoid a knife attack. It is preparing your mindset to adapt to such levels of violence. Edged weapons are easy to conceal, consists of various sizes, shapes, and materials, and can be utilized quickly, silently, and efficiently with lethal accuracy.

Your 5 Stone Pro-Staff bring you real world experience in law enforcement dealing with edged weapons attacks, tactical training,  and treating those attacks on the medical setting. We understand the lethality. We will show you techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. 5 Stone instructors and our affiliate instructors are highly experienced and are here to bring you concise, simplified, and quality training for you or your organization.


*FBI Background Check and Interview Required Prior to Approval (if not Law Enforcement/Current Military).  Acceptance/Denial is at the discretion of 5 Stone and our affiliates*

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5 Stone Firearms Training

We believe that all law abiding citizens have the right to bear arms, but with that right comes great responsibility. Each citizen must train for safety of themselves, their home, and those around them.


We are proud to partner with our brothers at the KOPIS Tactical, and with World Champion Competition shooters such as Dave Sevigny to provide firearms training for civilians, security teams, and law enforcement. Our programs are currently designed by current/former law enforcement personnel, former military, SWAT, Snipers, and elite federal agency personnel, and World Champion Shooters to provide safe, practical, and quality instruction customized to your specific needs. 


Our personnel are NRA RSO (Range Safety Officer) Certified to assure a safe training experience. We are willing to come to your location as well depending on specific needs and local range availability. 


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5 Stone Security Training and Consultation Services

Organizational Security is an essential element in today's world. There has been reported increases in drug use, drug trafficking, violence, child trafficking, sex trafficking, and abductions. The safety of our community is at a higher risk now- more than ever. 


REDUCE YOUR RISK! Whether you’re a security firm, jailer, corrections officer, contractor, church, school, government agency, church, college dormitory, campus, or volunteer... the 5 Stone Pros are here to help with your security training needs! 


Training Options:

-Basic Self Protection Training
-Basic Medical Training
-Site Safety Analysis 
-Site Security Planning/ Reviews 


Consulting/Contracting Options: 

 If you are in need of security services, consultation, or contracting, please contact us so we can help you or your organizational meet your needs! 


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