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The Kentucky Brotherhood Ride

KBR is a group of passionate individuals that ride bicycles around the state of Kentucky to honor the state's fallen First Responders and their families. KBR riders are made up of Firefighers, Police Officers, EMS Personnel, and family of a fallen brother or sister.

Equipping The Persecuted:

Equipping The Persecuted believes in taking action to help those who have been left without hope. Our goal is to be prepared with the resources necessary to respond to attacks on villages within 24 hours. We provide medical aid, food, and a team to pray and comfort victims of terrorism. We also have started a ministry that specifically Helps with local security teams by providing them emergency awareness training and medical supplies. 

Tacital Rifleman

Tactical Rifleman is the go-to destination for advice and tips for all things military, tactical, survival, driving and shooting related. This is not just a gun or shooting page; We will have subject matter experts across various different fields share expertise learned through years of military experience .