Learn Survival Skills From The Frontline

TSRT (Technical and Specialized Rescue Team) Survival and Tracking Course:

The 5 Stone Pros bring years of frontline experience and this elite training to you! If you are technical or specialized rescue personnel we strongly encourage you to consider this course.


Our instructors are former technical rescue operators with experience in survival, search and rescue, high angle rope rescue, SCUBA rescue, swift water rescue, HAZMAT, and more.


We bring you advanced training for 1st responders to be prepared with essential gear and knowledge to keep you, your team, and your victim safe.  



-Packs/Gear Critical Requirements and Suggestions
-Safety and Security
-Emergency Signaling
-1st Aid/Wilderness 1st Aid
-Basic Survival and caring of the stranded/injured victim
-Map Reading/Land Navigation Basics
-Knot Tying and Use
-Fire Starting

Course Info:

18-72 hours (customized to needs of individual/department)
$200/Student (Price Varies based on group size, Group rates available)
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OSST: Outdoor Skills and Survival Training [Level 1]

Preparing your home, your vehicle, and being prepared to "bug out" is critical in today's uncertain times. Outdoorsmen/women, kid camps, hunters, hikers, runners, mountain bikers, etc... all place themselves at risk for increased danger.
Knowing your limitations and overcoming your weaknesses will better prepare you and your loved ones in certain times.  Learn essential skills that every human alive should know. 


OSST Level 1 Addresses:  

-Home Preparation
-Food Storage
-"Bug Out" Packs
-Medical Kits
-Survival Shelters
-Fire Starting
-Making Cordage
-Emergency Signaling


Course Length-10hrs

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OSST: Outdoor Skills and Survival Training [Level 2]

Reviews Material Coverd in OSST-1 PLUS

-Animal Trapping
-Harvesting Wild Game (if conditions/seasons permit)
-Knot Tying
-Map Reading/Land Navigation Basics
-Camp Safety/Security


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Field Care/1st Aid

Field Care/1st Aid
"You Are the 1st Responders" . Wether on a mission, on the range, hunting, fishing, camping, kids camp, fish and wildlife, or any group event.... when an accident occurs, you are on your own. Serious injury or death can occur within minutes and help can be several minutes, hours, or days away. Obtaining simple medical training in is critical to provide self-aid, buddy-aid, or support others sick or injured.

Topics include:

-Moving and lifting the victim
-Scene Assessment
-Bleeding control and managing shock, tourniquets, stop the bleed
-Major/Minor wounds including facial wounds, burns, chest and abdominal wounds, etc... 
-Cleaning/Closing/Dressing wounds
-Brain/Spinal Injury
-Altered level of consciousness (stroke, seizure, head injury, etc)
-Allergic Reaction (Epi-Pens)
-Chest Pain
-Poisoning, Insect Bites, Snake Bites
-Heat/Cold Related Issues

Course Details:

8 hours
Cost: $150/student (10 students minimum). Large group discounts available! 

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